I have had the opportunity to make educational videos and explainers for a range of publishers including the BBC, Financial Times, and fact-checking organisation Full Fact. Below are some examples - unless otherwise stated, all the creative roles are done by myself, including writing, filming, editing, and animating.
The 'deadly' food we all eat
This was a short film about palm oil for BBC Reel. The title and idea came from them, but the writing, editing and animation was done by me. 
Political party explainers
For the 2015 general election I wrote and produced explainers on the main UK political parties. The animation was done by Anthony Le.
EU referendum explainers - Full Fact
For the EU referendum in 2016 I wrote and produced a series of short films for Full Fact, the independent fact-checking charity. In all we produced around 20 short films designed to be shared on social media. (Fact-checks playlist | Referendum leaflets explainers playlist)  The film above was animated by Jason Mallett and Anthony Le. 
Financial Times explainers 
In 2015 I produced a series of three videos for the Financial Times on negative equity, algorithms, and the car industry. The writing was done by the journalist in the film and the animation was done by two animation companies, my job was to help turn the written script into a series of visual ideas and commission the animation. (View the playlist here)
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